Online Courses for Teacher Recertification

Online courses for teacher recertification can be obtained from a variety of schools. By participating in these programs, you will get the credentials necessary to advance in your career.

Certification and Credentials

Certification is the means by which universities give accreditation to teachers who have graduated from their programs. A teaching recertification study program is the process by which teachers maintain their license.

These programs also provide teaching credentials. This is the license given to educators that have met the state requirements for getting certification / recertification.

Recertification is required every few years. In some states it is every five years; in others it is every three years.


Recertification is earned by passing state mandated exams and courses related to education. There are courses for different types of teaching. You can specialize in music or reading (grades kindergarten through twelve). There are also teaching certification programs offering courses for a secondary education subject middle, elementary grades and nursery school.

The most effective way to get recertification is by taking credit courses on the web. The Internet makes it possible to study wherever you are. Be certain the site has full accreditation. An accredited online school ensures that your credits are not wasted. These programs are available during various times of the year.

Schedules vary; some are fixed while others are available throughout the year. This will prevent problems from occurring. These are several subjects that have to be studied. Among them are life span human development, accounting, principles of supervision, psychology and philosophy among others.

In some classes you have to attend a live class meeting. This may be done before the web classes begin. The admission requirements are going to vary by class. Applications can be done online. Always check the enrollment policies before signing up.


Apart from recertification, there is also a voluntary national certification program called the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards. Recertification is recognized in all states. Those with national certification usually get better salaries. Certifications let people use their license in other states.


To become recertified, you must get credit points. The number of credits required varies by state. You have to check the state board for more information.

Online courses for teacher recertification have several features comparable to those of conventional classes. Not all universities offer comprehensive Internet based recertification programs, so a review of the curriculum is essential.