Online Courses for the Security Profession

Online courses for the security profession are available for those interested in this thriving industry. Today there are several educational institutions that offer this program.

Coursework Overview

Enrollees in security training schools can choose from several specialty areas. The training required to work in airports, offices and industries differ.

However, all of these programs will have courses related to criminal justice. Students learn how to work in different locations. You get trained on how to respond to emergencies and monitor buildings.

There are also courses for processing people at exits and entrances. All would-be security guards have to be trained in restraining techniques. If the job requires, they will learn how to conduct surveillance skills.

Additional Details

Aspiring security officers are taught effective communication skills. One of the most important topics they have to study is thinking on their feet. This is necessary for them to make adjustments in critical situations. They get trained on conflict resolution, people skills and arms use.

The program you pursue determines the course content. A courtroom security guard has to be aware of court protocol and procedures. If it is an airport security job, the emphasis will be on ensuring the safety of passengers and signs of suspicious activity. They are also trained in checking baggage.


Candidates have to be at least 18 years old. You must also be skilled in the use of firearms. They have to be licensed to carry firearms. A background check will be required. However, states have other requirements which vary.

In New York, you must have 47 hours of firearms training. This is divided into 40 hours at the firing range and 7 hours in the classroom. In contrast, security guards in Colorado do not even need a license. All that is required is a firearms permit and registration with the law.

Other information

These online programs are hybrid in nature. The assignments you can take online are usually self pacing. This allows you to learn at your own convenience. However, some aspects can only be learned in live hands-on training. This includes CPR and other first-responder procedures and general firearms training. After you graduate, a certificate will be given. More training may be given at the place you work in.

As the facts show, online courses for the security profession are varied. You have plenty to choose from, but you just have to be certain it has accreditation.