Online Courses for Veterinary Assistants

Online courses for veterinary assistants can prepare you to start this career correctly. These subjects focus on animal care, but there are other aspects covered.

Coursework Overview

These programs train students how to determine signs of animal illness. Another subject covered is administrative duties in the veterinarian’s office. Vet assistants will aid in treatment and surgical operations as well as animal breed recognition.

An integral part of these courses is the study of medical terminology related to veterinary works. Students also learn how to prepare animal records and health histories. Of course they will understand how to interact with pets and their owners. It is important that vet assistants learn proper communication skills. Classes cover subjects such as handling animal specimens and processing them properly.

Format and Style

Most of these sites have self-paced lessons. Issues like veterinary administration and practice, animal care and handling can all be learned at home. Textbooks and other study materials may be needed. But these are shipped to you. Programs usually give you six months to complete the entire course. Additional time may be given for a small fee.

Modules are arranged in different ways. They usually start with medical terminology and basic practices. Succeeding courses explain the role of computers in vet offices, law and ethics. Other subjects focus on collecting and billing. Grooming and aiding the vets are also bundled in the course as well. Most of these sites offer advice for gaining employment too.


Applicants must be well versed in word processing. An understanding of the English language and grammar is necessary. Work experience is not needed. An Internet connection is necessary of course.

Some of these programs will require you to use a specific type of software to be used. This may have to be installed in your computer. In some cases it is run online. This means you have to be online whenever you are studying.

Other Information

Aspiring assistants will gain knowledge on how to implement safety measures so animals don’t get injured. Web classes get trained in applying legal and ethical standards to veterinary issues. By the time they graduate students will understand cleaning methods needed to keep animals safe. Basic courses teach applicants about the basic responsibilities of a vet assistant.

Online courses for veterinary assistants require a fee just like a brick and mortar course. Free ones are available, but they are not formally recognized by veterinary clinics and institutions.