Online Courses for Web Design UK

Online courses for web design UK makes it possible for students, professionals and anyone to learn what it takes to produce high quality web pages. Unlike free tutorials, these are formal programs.


These are multi-year classes. Students will learn about designing web pages and development. The syllabus will tell you what features are included. Classes are divided into modules. If it is a two or four year class, specific subjects will be studied in the first year, second year etc.


These programs start by introducing basic design concepts. You learn how to create web pages. These lessons include laying out graphics, videos and text. More advanced topics teach how to make pages interactive.

After going through the fundamentals, students are trained in web database creation, animation, scripting and programming. The succeeding modules center on ethics, Internet law, project management, servers and creating web apps.


Every single course will be examined and assessed by instructors. These courses start by giving you an idea of the basic design. This will be followed by other features such as video, scripting, etc. Examinations are given before you move on to more advanced subjects.

Additional Details

Students can concentrate on specific areas. Most of these sites let you choose from several programming languages such as JavaScript, Java and MySQL. Classes use different methods for teaching. Videos and reading materials are used. For the business minded, there are subjects on e-commerce, marketing strategies and security. The majority of these classes cover all the facts. But you can choose to specialize in web graphics, publishing or other areas.


This will depend on the class. Advanced programs require applicants to have some computing knowledge plus basic knowledge of HTML coding. Other programs require students to take English and history classes. Most of these programs allow overseas students to enroll. The requirements may differ depending on the subject. Advanced programs require applicants to have work experience.


The costs of web study programs differ. With free classes, you only have to pay for the Internet connection. In one-year courses, the cost will be several hundred pounds. Multiyear courses run into several thousand pounds. Payment is on a per year basis. The price will depend on what subjects you take. Student loans and financial assistance are available.

Online courses for web design UK can be completed without attending a physical class. This is one of the reasons why these programs are extremely popular.