Online Courses for Wedding Planning

Online courses for wedding planning have always been among the most sought after study programs. This is understandable because millions of weddings take place in the US yearly. This makes nuptial planners very much in demand.

Coursework Overview

The topics in these wedding event programs cover every aspect of the ceremony. They begin with a wedding industry overview followed by engagement planning.

Your role as a planner is covered next. There are also courses for those who want to start their own wedding / event planning business. Other important subjects are goals, documentation, venue and vendor selection. You will also study Negotiations, contracts, wedding cultures and traditions. Also studied are modern and classic planning approaches.

These sites also teach you how to manage traditional and non-traditional wedding ceremonies, the wedding day and relationship education. Other areas of study are certifications, expanding your business offerings, destination weddings and organizational software.

Other Subjects

Each of the subjects mentioned above is covered in detail. In overviews, you will tackle subjects like the budget, wedding seasons, statistics for marriage-bound couples and role of engagement. You must also study wedding etiquette, mishaps, and mayhem, event/project management and setting up bride expectations.

The business part of these courses includes start-up costs, business practice tips and establishing your services. In wedding gowns, you have to study gown and veil styles, how to offer advice for selecting a gown and info on dress designers. You will also learn the steps needed to prepare a signature ceremony. Other aspects include self-promotion and marketing strategies.


At the end of these programs, you will learn how to manage a portfolio with presentation tools, packages, pricing information and business contracts. You will also learn about setting up a legal wedding.

There are also topics about business structure; licenses and regulations that affect the industry. You will get trained on federal, state and local laws. There are also subjects about insurances. Aspiring planners must also understand the procedural requirements needed.

Other Information

Wedding plan schools may also tackle public relations, online marketing, bridal shows and marketing on a local level. You also have the option of studying how to market your business, signature wedding and events, wedding music and gowns.

Graduates of online courses for wedding planning can easily find work. Many couples do not have time to plan, which is where these planners become handy. They can also earn a lot of money.