Online Courses for Your GED

Online courses for your GED have made it possible for adults or teenagers to prepare for this test. These programs are not the actual tests. These are classes you take to prepare for the exam.

Coursework Overview

These study classes focus on the major aspects of GED. These programs concentrate on language arts (reading and writing) and math. These GED classes also get you ready for other subjects like social sciences and science.

The GED examinations cover a variety of topics. In Language Arts: Writing, the subjects covered are mechanics, usage, organization and sentence structure. These preparatory tests will get you ready for writing essays, grammar, spelling punctuation and other aspects of writing.

Social study subjects center on geography, economics, civics and government, world history and American history. The science division is made up of physical science, space science, earth science and life science. In reading, prep tests will include reading fiction and nonfiction texts. Mathematics preparation tests include geometry, number operations, algebra, functions, and patterns and data analysis.


These classes have several elements designed to help students. They provide vital information about GED and discussion boards. These classes devote several sections for social studies, language arts, science and mathematics. Internet classes provide topics on preparing for the tests, workbooks and other materials.

An Overview of the GED Test

This examination is an alternative to a high school diploma. Those who are unable to complete their high school studies can take this exam instead. GED and high school diplomas are equal. It is also known as a Graduate Equivalency Degree and General Education Diploma. Taking Internet preparatory classes will better ready you for the real test.

In the GED test, the language arts have two components. In the first part students have to read documents and go through multiple questions. The other part consists of an essay question. The social studies portion includes multiple-choice questions too. In the economics portion, you will focus on personal budgets, voter-registration forms, tax forms and practical documents.

In the 80 minute science tests, students will take up subjects like cell division, energy, magnetism, geology weather and climate. The mathematics test will take 90 minutes to complete. There are 50 questions. You also have to perform several calculations.

Finding online courses for your GED tests is not difficult. But you have to make sure that the program will be sufficient to meet your requirements.