Online Learning Courses for Kids

It’s never too early to start teaching your kids a few basics in education, i.e. the alphabet, numbers, colors of the rainbow, and even basic math. With the help of online learning courses for kids, you can start teaching your kids all of these to prepare them for school.

Courses for kids offered online are designed in such a way that they will find the lessons engaging and enjoyable at the same time.

For pre-school aged kids, the lessons are not actually courses in the strictest sense in that these are not designed to follow a certain curriculum but instead are more of introductory lessons to prepare them for their actual classes when they start school.

Learning the Alphabet

Lessons for learning the letters of the alphabet may be given in the form of an interactive game where the letters are said out loud by a character and your child will be given several choices. The child will click on the letter uttered by the character.

Once the child has mastered the alphabet, he will be taken to the next level where he will be asked to spell short words – starting with very basic three-letter words like cat or dog.

Learning Counting and Numbers

Lessons for this may also be given as an interactive game and this time, the character or characters will introduce numbers 1 to 10 and then the child will also pick out the number that corresponds to what the character has just said.

Each number is provided with corresponding images to make it easier for kids to recognize the numbers and to count the corresponding objects.

This lesson may also be used as an additional lesson for the alphabet in that you can teach the kids the names of the objects used for the numbers and the letters that spell their respective names.


Your pre-school kids may not be able to read yet but this doesn’t mean you can get them started on basic reading lessons. Story time lessons online may also be in the form of having a character read the story out loud or parents can read the story and talk about each character that comes up onscreen.

You can ask your kids to repeat some of the small words in the story so they can familiarize themselves with the words and at the same time start recognizing certain letters put together to form words.

As you can see, your active participation in your children’s online lessons is essential as you will serve as your kids’ first teacher.

You should remember to be patient when teaching your kids so they will not feel that learning is not a fun thing to do which may affect their behavior in school when the time comes for them to attend actual classes.