Online Courses for French Learning

By taking online courses for French learning, you can save on the costs of attending a French language school. Unlike in a typical university, you can study the lessons as often as you like.


There are different kinds of websites on the Internet. The course lengths vary. Most of the time the courses last for eight weeks. Many have podcasts to help you understand the language better. Several of them are designed to help not just students but also foreigners who want to know the language.

While some courses are full-length, others are of the mini-course type. These are very popular and useful for those who want to learn conversational French. Each mini course covers specific aspects of the language like basic phrases, colors, members of the family, numbers and many more.

These sites also have links to other useful tools. These include glossaries, common words used and French –English translations. Once you become familiar with basic French, these sites will help you explore more advanced concepts like verbs, pronouns, adverbs, adjectives and so on.

The more informative sites will also have articles tests and free downloadable material. Some sites will also sell products like CDs, DVDs and other packages. Those products may be useful if you want to know more about the language. Many language pay sites also offer certificates of completion.

Other Helpful Resources

There are a lot of resources on the web. These language sites often have links to forums. These are very helpful for beginners. These discussion groups can be considered as part of your virtual lessons. You can engage in actual conversations with other practitioners of the language.

Other websites use video. Click the video to play it and you will see and hear an expert pronounce the words. This is one of the best ways to improve your French grammar.

Other Information

Many of these websites are free. You just go to the site and read the lessons. To help with the pronunciations, most of these sites have audio. In some websites, you have to register first (this is also true for some of the free sites). After you log in, the lessons will be made available.

Many online courses for French learning are free, so the only thing you will spend on them is time. With patience, you will eventually learn the language. It also helps since you can study at a pace you are comfortable with.