Online Typing Courses for Kids

It’s never too early to start teaching your kids a few skills that can very well serve them in the future. The three R’s are of course essential: Reading, ‘Riting and ‘Rithmetic. Closely associated with reading and writing is typing.

Kids today are more at home with using the keyboard than writing down whatever needs to be written through long-hand. It is the lure of the internet that has got kids hooked on computers and keyboards – even keyboard shortcuts.

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If you don’t want your kids to be left behind, you can enroll them in online typing courses for kids. You don’t have to pay for tuition since there are typing courses offered on the internet that are completely free.

How are Online Typing Courses for Kids Taught?

Typing courses for kids actually work in much the same way as typing courses for adults except that these have a slower pace and they are more interactive; not to mention more enjoyable to do because they are usually taught in the form of keyboarding games.

What are keyboarding games?

Keyboarding games are activities that help kids get familiar with the letters, numbers and symbols on keyboards – usually a QWERTY keyboard since this is the most common type of keyboard used today in schools, libraries and homes.

Beginner courses will teach kids how to type letters in lower case first and then in upper case and then a combination of both. Kids will be asked to type one letter at a time so they can concentrate first on determining where each letter is found on the keyboard.

Level-Up on the Courses

To test if the child is already familiar with the positioning of the letters, your kids can go from Beginner’s courses to Intermediate courses. This time, kids will be asked to spell small words first and in lower case.

Once they have completed this activity, they will then be asked to type in bigger words and in a combination of upper case and lower case letters. As the lesson progress, the children will be asked to type a combination of symbols and letters.

If you observe the lessons while your kids are taking them, you will see that as they reach the next level on online typing courses for kids, they will be required to type in words and sentences that use one row first of the letters on the keyboard; and then two rows and so on until they are completely at ease using all rows of letters to spell out words and write complete sentences.