PBS Online Courses for Teachers

PBS Teachers and PBS Teacherline are the online portals of PBS that provide courses, materials, references and a range of teaching tools to educators for kids from Pre-K to 12th Grade.

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So if you need help with any of your classes or you want to take a course to give you more information about the subjects that you are teaching, you should check out PBS.

PBS Online Courses for Teachers

If you would like to learn more about the subjects that you teach your kids and if you wish to learn new techniques on how to teach your subjects, PBS has online courses for teachers that take on a wide variety of subjects and topics.

For instance, if you are teaching Science and you are about to discuss Evolution, there is an online course from PBS Teacherline that thoroughly discusses this subject matter. It also gives you tips on how best to teach this topic without boring your kids.

Part of your curriculum may be to give assignments to your students on a regular basis and some of these may require them to do research on their own. There is a PBS course that can help you teach your kids about effective research by using various tools, including the internet.

Assessing Your Students

An important task of teachers is assessing each and every student in their class at regular intervals throughout the school year. This way, teachers can determine each student’s strong and weak points so they can be addressed accordingly.

By addressing the needs of each student, they are given the opportunity to grow and develop according to their potentials.

In this regard, you may want to take a look at the course outline of an online course offered by PBS called Using Assessment and Evaluation. The course will teach you how to create rubrics for each lesson plan, based on your evaluation and assessment of your students.

Other PBS Teacherline Online Courses

Online courses from PBS are not limited to Science, and Assessment and Evaluation. There are several other topics that you can choose from. If you specialize in Arts or Reading and Language; there are specific courses that thoroughly discuss each of these subjects.

From developing literacy in kids to increasing their vocabulary to introduction to arts; the courses can give you pointers on how to be effective in these areas in a way that will motivate your kids to pay attention, get excited about their lessons and ultimately, excel in your class.