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ABOUT US STAFF – David Brenard

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David Brenard – Engineering

David found a love for engineering ever since he received a set of Lego bricks for his 5th birthday. No matter what else happened in his life, a brief stint in the Army including a tour inIraq for the first Gulf War, the craving for a career in engineering always came back to his mind.

With the GI Bill he was able to realize that dream and got his masters in engineering and started to work for the city in development and projects. Concepts and an expansion of ideas, where he thrived, was not achieved and he turned to teaching himself. First in community colleges and then for a city university, he found that teaching was a second love of his and the mixture of the scholarly atmosphere with a heavy dose of engineering theory and design was what made him most happy.

David continues to teach and also working on his first book about engineering concepts and history. Part of this process was a series of papers developed for school journals which was when he caught the eye of the Online Course For You team when they needed an engineering perspective. A few pages led to more and now David is a part of the permanent staff of contributors.

David has been married for 13 years and has 2 daughters and a son. His son has followed in his father’s footsteps and has joined the Army and looks forward to also getting his engineering degree when his tour of duty is finished. Both daughters found their way into the education field and while one is currently teaching still, the other is a stay at home mother.