Accredited Online Courses for Psychology

Accredited online courses for psychology explore a vast array of subjects. The topics covered in these programs depend on what degree you are taking.

Coursework Overview

Psychology schools include topics about statistics for the social and behavioral sciences, health psychology, abnormal and personality behavior. There are also subjects on social psychology, personal biofeedback and stress management. Adjustment and human sexuality are also studied. Aside from core courses, you can study specialties via training and formal education.

The subjects you take depend on the degree. As an experimental psychologist, the subjects are going to be about motivation, language, cognition, learning and perception and memory.
If you are taking forensic psychology, the subjects are going to be about crime evidence analysis and how to aid authorities as they investigate crimes.

A health psychologist takes up courses that center on the interaction between the human condition and health. Human factors psychologists are going to study the relationship between machines and people.

Areas of Study

Aspiring clinical psychologists help clients who are undergoing psychological crisis; a student of social psychologist focus on behaviors and how relationships affect beliefs. School psychologists study the educational abilities of children.

If you are studying to be a developmental psychologist, the subjects will be on intellectual, emotional and social development. An educational psychologist centers on human education. If you are studying organizational and industrial psychology, courses focus on people, the places where they work and how it affects them.


Universities with psychology programs base their degrees on the American Psychological Association definition of the subject. The degrees are professional geropsychology, family, psychology and forensic psychology.

Other psychology degrees are on behavioral and cognitive, industrial-organizational, counseling and clinical child psychology. There are degrees on clinical psychology, school psychology, psychoanalytic psychology and clinical health psychology. You can also study clinical neuropsychology.

Other Information

The offerings in colleges and universities have different features. Some universities offer just a few psychology programs, but others have more than a hundred courses. They also offer numerous study areas. The concentrations differ, but the most popular are social psychology, developmental, neuroscience, and understanding human behavior. Some of these programs are available in graduate programs only. There may be prerequisite courses required.

Accredited online courses for psychology are available from several colleges and universities. Before you enroll in one of these colleges, investigate their background. Check their credentials and compare them with those of the state education department.