Free Online Courses for Architecture

Free online courses for architecture do not offer certificates or degrees. But both aspiring and professional architects can benefit from them. These sites are updated often. Long time architects can use these as reference for future works. Students can use these as supplements for their studies.

Coursework Overview

The subjects depend on what year you are studying. This convention is followed in free courses too. First year studies focus on basic design and architectural theory. The history of architecture and art are likely to be covered too. Geometric drawing and presentation techniques are also included.

In building science courses, architecture schools and free sites concentrate on structures, services, the environment, detail design and construction. In a bachelor’s of architectural design, site surveying, end user computing and architectural computer usage are required subjects. More advanced topics like commercial law, property economics for architects and advanced construction are studied later on.

Integration of technology is center to these programs. Most of them rely on CAD to prepare designs and drafts. Students must learn how to use these programs. In no-cost sites, the use of CAD can be seen. Many sample projects are made using these applications. You must have this installed in your computer to master the design.

Additional Features

Other subjects available in architect schools can now be studied on the web at no cost. There are resources for designing blueprints. Drawing and design concepts for apartment buildings, homes, skyscrapers and offices are online.

Virtual classrooms have tutors supervising lessons. The assignments are reviewed and graded by teachers. Tutors are not available in free websites for architects though. But there are forums dedicated to the subject.

Other Areas of Study

There are colleges for architecture that offer special courses for master’s students. You can study some of them in free sites. These include professional practice for architects, urban studies, advanced architectural theories and design treatise. Innovative urban designs are studied in depth.

Apart from design, you must also learn about upkeep, maintenance and repair. In other words, fundamentals and advanced concepts can be found in these sites. You will also find links to websites that offer formal education on the subject across the US.

Free online courses for architecture can be found in many websites. Some are standalone. Others are affiliated with colleges or designed by professional architects. Even after you go through one site, links will take you to other relevant resources.