Free Online Courses for Electrician

A lot of free online courses for electrician have appeared and more are likely to be formed soon. Several of them offer top of the line programs that can make you good enough to earn a masters degree.

Scope of Online Programs

Programs on the web range from the basic to the advanced. There are free tutorials and guides for those who want an introduction to the subject. The more advanced online concepts focus on several areas of study. Some of them are unique and cannot be found in common undergraduate programs.

Internet programs include studies on properties of conductors,fundamentals of energy processes and linear dynamic systems, both basic and advanced. Other Internet programs focus on semiconductor device principles and integrated circuit fabrication.

It is not surprising that a lot of these programs integrate computer lessons. The majority of courses now offer lessons on computer and networking applications and how they relate to the work of an electrician. Other subjects covered online are maintenance and troubleshooting, hazardous locations and how to handle potentially dangerous electrical problems.

Other Features on Web Electrician Programs

Several courses also focus on emergency power, motor controls, motors and transformers. Wiring lessons, service and distribution, feeders and advanced branch circuits tutorials are also available free on the web.

Many websites offer programs and courses on light commercial and mobile homes, wiring, appliances and how to read blueprints. Both basic and advanced features of branch circuits, device wiring, conductors, boxes, tools and circuit safety are found on the web. Electrical courses also include studies on electrical energy theory and national electrical codes.

There are other topics covered online. Among them are reading electrical schematics, air conditioning troubleshooting, interior and exterior lighting and lighting control. There are also courses on fixing electric lamps, using multimeters and circuit analysis. There are sites that discuss mathematics for the trade and the nature of electricity.

More Information

The length of the courses varies depending on how many subjects you study. Courses on electrical installation are comprehensive and will take some time. It all depends on how many hours you put in. Because there are so many subjects, a lot of sites offer time management tips for their students.

Web resources also offer tips for those about to graduate. Career options, employment opportunities or setting up your own business are covered on many websites.

The qualities of free online courses for electrician are now comparable to those in many universities. Apart from being free, the flexibility of the scheduling is another plus.