Online Courses for Drivers Ed Free

Online courses for drivers ed free are becoming quite popular. These programs are designed to supplement your driving lessons. Learning time can be reduced because many assignments can be done online.


Many people take these courses to get discounts. Insurance companies often give discounts for “safe” drivers. By taking these Internet courses and passing, you can be certified safe. But you need to be certain the site offers some sort of test; not all free driving programs offer them.


These programs cover several topics. The core subjects have tips to get you ready for your state’s licensing exam. There are also refresher courses for those that need them. Other subjects focus on safety on the road and maintaining awareness. Many of these sites use video to make the lessons easier to understand. These videos show how driving is done.

There are also courses that concentrate on the needs of specific types of drivers. For example, there are programs for elderly drivers. Some of these sites focus on the driver’s safety. In these classes, the emphasis is on being a defensive driver. The subjects here focus on avoiding accidents and obeying in traffic rules. There are also tips offered to help you keep cool during traffic.

Most of these can be read directly on the web. A few use PDF, so you need to have the appropriate reader installed. Tests and quizzes are available. Most of these programs allow you to take these quizzes repeatedly. They are very useful when preparing for examinations. Make sure the tests are applicable to the area where you are planning to get a license.


The contents of these classes depend on the state they are designed for. Before trying a course, check if the features have the approval of the Texas Department of Public Safety. There are also courses which focus on teenagers applying for a permit.

Not all subjects can be taken on the Internet. Some of these websites require live classroom attendance. There are also tasks which teenagers have to complete with their parents.

Other Information

Features in no-cost driving programs differ. Unlike formal driving classes, not all of them offer a certification of completion. Some of these courses are also very basic. They may consist of reading materials explaining how to drive.

Online courses for drivers ed free can make it easier to get a driver’s permit. Because these courses are free there is no need to worry about racking up bills.