Free Online Courses for EMTs

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Free online courses for EMTs give you an idea of what emergency medical technicians have to go through before getting their license. Because these classes are free, you don’t have to spend a cent.


Any web based EMT program will begin by explaining what it is about. The role of an EMT is to provide medical assistance before a person can be taken to an ambulance or a hospital. There are different EMT skill levels. The most basic is qualified to assist victims of a fall or slip.

The more advanced ones can handle heart attack emergencies. High level EMTs can also provide assistance with childbirth or vehicular accidents. By taking up a free course, you will learn what subjects are taught. You gain experience necessary for enrolling in professional EMT programs.

Coursework Contents

Free courses cover the subjects stated above. A well designed site details the steps and training an EMT has to undergo. They must complete several tests and examinations before they can advance to the next level. Continuing education programs are available. These are for professional EMTs who want to continue their education. CE courses have advanced features so EMTs remain updated on the latest techniques.

Online classes offer different topics. It all depends on the website. The most basic free site offers explanations of the various EMT levels. More advanced courses detail step by step responses to various medical emergencies. Other subjects explore different types of emergencies. Among them are poisoning, asthma management and all sorts of allergies.

EMTs are also trained to deal with various behavioral emergencies. Aspiring EMTs must also learn how to operate an ambulance. In case of an emergency, they may be required to drive one. Other subjects include treating physiology and anatomy. Advanced EMTs also cover topics like handling people with spine injuries. This subject is offered only to the highest level students.

Other Information

Free courses on the subject usually don’t earn credits. This is impotent if you are going to school. These free online resources are not recognized by medical agencies. If you want to become a professional EMT, you need to enroll in an accredited course. But these free programs serve as an introduction to the subject.

Free online courses for EMTs are not just for prospective med technicians. It is always good to know something about emergency procedures and what steps have to be taken just in case.