Free Online Courses for Excel 2003

Free online courses for Excel 2003 are still available in some colleges and websites. Even though newer editions have emerged, tutorials for this version can be obtained. Most if not all of these are free.

Coursework Overview

Colleges with Excel 2003 courses cover many topics similar to those in free websites. These are divided into several modules. They begin with getting started, creating a spreadsheet and formatting data. Other chapters are likely to be about editing and printing worksheets, managing worksheets, charts and databases. Other areas of study are about hypertext and accessing its other functions.

Courses in Detail

Beginners’ courses start by identifying the different parts of the Excel environment. You will be taught how to move around the workbook window. Specific topics explain what cells and worksheets are. You will be introduced to items like using menus, scrolling, status bar and the formula bar.

A course on creating a spreadsheet covers a vast array of topics. These include getting backup files following a system crash, data editing, using AutoSum, AutoFill and AutoCorrect. Other subjects are about using functions, special symbols and shortcuts and speech recognition.

Students also learn how to prepare complex formulas, dates, fixed decimal places, text and other elements. The ins and outs of data entry are also explained. Students also learn about custom auto filters, sorting records, viewing and finding records. There are also subjects on creating a database, grouping and hiding images. There are also subjects on WordArt and organizational charts.

More Options

One of the most important features of this program is how to format data. The topics in this course include patterns and format painter, altering cell appearances, changing the alignment and using fonts. Students also learn how to use calibrating columns, dates and special numbers, using AutoFormat and accessing the format cells dialog box.

In a course on editing and printing worksheets, you learn about controlling page breaks and formulas. You will also learn about setting sheet options, page setup, selecting print options and print preview.


Free courses can be accessed by anyone. They are either in html or PDF format. There are no special requirements. You just need to have Excel 2003 installed. Some of these courses can be studied online while others can be downloaded. Videos are used in several websites to make lessons easier to understand.

Free online courses for Excel 2003 have different features. While some are comprehensive, others cover only the basics.