Online Courses for Excel 2003

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Online courses for Excel 2003 make it possible for users to get the most out of this program. After finishing these courses, users will increase their productivity and finish tasks faster.

Beginner Courses

These study programs cover the most basic features of the application. These courses start with an overview of Excel 2003. Its new features and differences from previous versions are explained. Beginner courses explore the program interface.

You will learn basic procedures like opening and saving files, copy, cut and paste. Users learn how to print and enter data in worksheets. Users will learn how to create lists and publish them in SharePoint. They will also be trained in Office security basics. Beginner tutorials are available for putting in clipart and other media.

Intermediate and Advanced Courses

Subjects focus on more intricate features of Excel. Among the subjects covered are AutoFilter, making and using charts. Excel tutorials include tips for creating an accessible Office document and how to customize the program.

By learning this technique, users can add or remove items in the toolbar. They can also do the same with menus. Users will also learn how to use pivot tables. Functions are taught in these programs. These courses offer formulas too. Most of these sites have presets bundled in. Users will also learn how to program macros and automate several tasks.

Most of these resources will teach you how to prepare financial plans with Excel. In fact there are sites which focus on savings, budget planning and payments in Excel. There are also classes that help users deal with large worksheets and intricate formulas.

Students get trained on statistical functions, adding dates via formulas and implementing keyboard shortcuts. More advanced features explain how to enter arguments and protecting data. Classes exist for filtering imparted data and importing different files.

Other Information

Traditional teaching methods use reading materials. But most of them now use video, graphics and illustrations. Some of these lessons are available for different versions of Excel. These courses have free lessons and quizzes.

Some of these sites score these tests, but others do not. Audio based programs are also available. Users can also learn how to create several worksheets with the same data.

Some online courses for Excel 2003 are free. Others require a fee.
Free courses today cover many aspects of the software. But tuition based programs are preferred by users who need certification and formal training.