Free Online Courses for Excel and Word

Free online courses for Excel and Word are ideal tools for those who want to improve their knowledge of these programs. Although these applications are very popular, their full features are rarely utilized. With these free programs you can maximize their capabilities.

Excel Coursework

Excel study classes cover basic and / or advanced subjects. A simple course includes selection techniques, manipulating rows and columns and editing cell content. There are also courses on worksheets, font / alignment formatting and number editing. You will also learn how to free column / row titles, use formulas, function, charts and customization.

Advanced Excel topics usually teach how to use complex formulas and functions. You will also get familiar with named ranges, manipulate worksheets, templates, paste special options and how to create pivot tables. You will also learn how to use input tables, hyperlinks, linking & embedding.

Word Coursework

Typical Word online programs will teach you basic and advanced concepts. Basic courses explain how to open, create and save documents. More detailed topics will explain how to enter text. A chapter on formatting text shows how to use this feature properly and add character formatting techniques.

You will also learn about coloring text and paragraphs and how to use bold, underline, and italics. Other modules will center on pasting, copying and cutting text, paragraph aligning and editing margins. You will also find subjects on indenting paragraphs, creating a table and employing different views in the program.

Advanced topics will teach you how to use Word’s Auto Correct, use the default tabs, zoom control, work with page breaks and learn to insert time and date.

Format and Features

Courses for these programs differ widely. Some cover only basic concepts; you need to pay to get access to the rest. Others focus on more specific features. For example, there are websites that teach you how to use Excel’s VBA and macros. However, most free sites have links to other useful websites. You can also gain access to forums. This is a good place to ask questions about these programs. Most of these apps can be read online. But some are in PDF format.

Note: these free resources do not confer certifications. There are no instructors either. They just offer free information and links.
Free online courses for Excel and Word do not require any registration. However, you need to make sure the right version of the applications is installed.