Free Online Courses for Medical Coding and Billing

Free online courses for medical coding and billing provide you with one of the easiest ways to learn. These resources are available in many websites. The fact that they are free is another benefit. However, you will not get credits by taking these. But they do offer many benefits.

Coursework Overview

The topics focus on billing and coding. But just like many health care coding and billing programs, medical transcription is included. The subjects covered in these programs differ.

In medical billing, the courses center on managing invoices and handling hospital bills. Their task includes working with insurance firms to get payment. A medical biller uses the same codes as a coder. But a coder has other tasks.

They must be familiar with the codes used in surgery and other medical operations. Apart from a hospital, coders can also work in insurance companies and other firms. All of these are explained in free sites.

A medical transcriptionist is different. Their role is to transcribe and read the records of doctors. They must also get reports ready. In other words, the three are not the same. But there are programs which combine all three. This is also detailed in these free sites.

Additional Details

A basic course will take only six months to complete. There are no such timetables in free courses. These can be studied continuously or at regular intervals. There are no deadlines to be met. Free sites do not have tutors, nor are assignments graded. There are no tests either. The information you see in these programs are updated. In a way they can be used for personal enrichment.


Usually a high school diploma or GED is the minimum in schools. In free sites, there is none. You can go in and study the lessons. But it helps to have basic computer skills and understanding of medical terminology. Knowledge of computers will also be necessary.

Other Benefits

Aside from course subjects, these free resources give you an idea of what medical coding schools have to offer. These sites explain what degrees you can take and what concentrations are available. Links are provided to state universities, community colleges and other educational institutions.

Free online courses for medical coding and billing can serve as an introduction to the subject. If you still have not made up your mind, these programs can help. You will get an idea of what to expect in schools.