Free Online Courses for Project Management

Free online courses for project management give you an opportunity to learn the fundamentals. There are many subjects that have to be studied. As a budding project manager, you will learn how to finish tasks within a given time frame and budget. There are formal schools, but these sites are free.

Coursework Overview

Project management classes are set up just like an online class. Topics are arranged from simple to advanced concepts. Courses are divided into chapters, parts or modules. You learn about a management life cycle, setting up for success and working with a project team.

Another important topic is risk management, which is studied in depth. You will also learn on working on a schedule, budget and preparing project reports. You are also going to understand how to close projects out.

Additional Details

To be a successful project manager, you must study a project’s charter, putting together a statement of work and defining the scope of a project. They must also study the initiation phase and what has to be done. Universities with project management studies will include topics like choosing team members, challenges and what risks they are going to face.

Additional areas of study are work package sequencing, the work breakdown structure and time estimates. You are also going to learn about scheduling processes and schedule balancing. An important factor to consider is creating a preliminary budget.


A course on project tracking and control includes getting back on track, earned value analysis, monitoring for project progress and how to keep a project moving. After going through these subjects, you also have to study change requests, performance reports and communications overview.

Other Information

Free websites have many other features besides articles on project management. They have flexible schedules which allow you to study anytime you want. There is no need to rearrange your daily schedule.
Many of these free resources give insights into what a tuition based course is like.

But there are differences. These websites have no instructors. This will give you an opportunity to learn facts about universities with online presences. There are also subjects that focus specifically on what it takes to be admitted. These free resources can also be used for continued education.

Free online courses for project management cannot replace formal schooling. After you complete one of these programs, you will learn about schedule monitoring and how to track expenses while working on a project.