Free Online CPD Courses for Teachers

Free online CPD courses for teachers help educators keep their knowledge current. Unlike paid continuing education courses, there is no need to pay.

Coursework Overview

Colleges with continuing educations for teachers offer subjects similar to those in CPD free programs. The subjects vary, but the most common are classroom management (basic and advanced), preparing lessons and dealing with violence in schools. Teachers also learn how to deal with bullying. You can also learn about differentiated instructions and understanding aggression.

Educators can study for free issues like dealing with a traumatized child, instructing elementary math conceptually and teaching diversity. You will also find out about educating talented & gifted students and reading fundamentals. You will also learn about infant & toddler mental health, inclusion, cyber-intimidation in schools and harassment.

Teachers can also discover facts about ethics & safety in education, educational assessment and drugs & alcohol in schools. In early childhood courses, you can take up typical & atypical development, program planning, observation & assessment. Family-centered services are available too.

Additional Details

Teachers enrolled in universities with education majors usually take lessons on teaching those with learning disabilities. This is also available in free courses. Other topics that may be studied are about child abuse, behavior autism, Attention Deficit Disorder and other conditions.

These subjects are studied in depth. Classroom management covers topics like enticing students to learn. In autism and other disorders, you learn basic information and intervention. You will also learn about managing disruptive behavior strategies and methods. In subjects concerning child abuse, you understand how to work with neglected kids.


These websites offer videos, audio and reading text. Some of these free websites offer free tests and quizzes. Even if there are none, you can still use these for personal enrichment. Unlike formal education courses, these programs are available online, not on CD ROMs. However, free courses are also developed by professional teachers.

Other Information

Teaching fundamentals are covered in these programs too. These include scientifically-based research, elements of effective reading instruction & assessment and effective reading instruction. Many websites also teach how to deal with the stress that comes with the job. Integration of technology is also covered in these courses.

Free online CPD courses for teachers are used for updating your teaching methods. But these are not credit earning studies. For license renewal, you need to take a program that earns credit. Required credits vary by state.