Free Online Math Courses for Teachers

Free online math courses for teachers can help you in many ways. But the most important assistance they provide is increasing your knowledge. You can then use this information for teaching students.

Coursework Overview

These classes can be divided into several categories. You will find that most sites offer lesson plans for math educators. There are also subjects about career information, classroom resources and many others. Lesson plans online are from teachers around the world, so you can be certain they have been tried and tested.

You will find numerous math subjects available on the web. Resources such as fact sheets, worksheets, PDF files and other materials can be downloaded freely.

There are also websites that teach you how to prepare an online class. These programs will explain how you can use the Internet in a classroom. There you will learn how to use multimedia to enhance study lessons.

There are plenty of math related activities online. You can use them as is or modify them to suit your classroom needs.
Lesson plans and courses are available for teachers of every grade level. You will learn how to maximize the use of Internet technology.


Practically every math topic can be found on the web, most of them free to study. Basic mathematics, trigonometry, logic, geometry, and calculus can be found in many websites. Teachers can also brush on their knowledge of advanced mathematics. Advanced algebra, number theory, combinatorics and geometry are on the web.

Teachers may also take up courses on applied mathematics. There are several websites with free resources on operations research, game theory, computing, and mathematical physics. Tutorials for dynamical systems and differential equations and information theory and signal processing are available too.

Other Information

Teachers can also avail of mathematical statements resources. Everything from algorithms, theorems, undecidable problems to mathematical proofs, lemmas, inequalities and formulae involving pi can be studied on the web.

Teachers can use free instructional software to develop their curriculum. There are other programs you can use. Extensive mathematics lesson databases, K-12 statistics and Java programs are also at your disposal.


Decide what kind of programs and resources you need. This will help you narrow down your search down and make the more manageable.

Free online math courses for teachers do not earn credit. They cannot be used for license renewal / maintenance. But they can be helpful for teachers who want to learn more without spending a cent.