Free Online Courses for Teachers Aide

Free online courses for teachers aide offer several topics that aspirants and professionals can take. Teachers’ aide programs and free courses give you the opportunity to learn the skills necessary to become successful. You will discover the core skills required for the job.

Coursework Overview

Major courses are speaking effectively with parents. Teachers also discover how to develop a good working relationship with coworkers. There are also topics on work team effectiveness and development. As a teacher’s assistant, you will find out how to help pupils access the curriculum and develop their numeracy and literacy skills.

These assistants also learn how to help students with their social, emotional and behavioral needs. Aides must also learn about health, hygiene, safety and security. As a student you just take up subjects concerning education and its implications and how to organize the environment.

Other Tasks of Teachers Assistants

A teachers’ assistant must also study how to use integrate communication and information technology in the classroom. An assistant must also be aware of how to help students with physical and / or sensory impairments.

Free educational sites for teachers assistants explore different methods for helping students with interaction, learning, cognition, interaction and communication problems. They also have to support students with multilingual and bilingual abilities.

Other Subjects in Free Courses

Their activities are not limited to the classroom. They must also help students with their health and well-being. Teachers assistants must also help when it comes to maintaining the safety of the environment for students.

These free resources also explain what it takes to promote the emotional development of a student. Additional topics include evaluation of learning activities, observing and reporting pupil performance. As an assistant they must also keep stock of pupil records.


These courses use video, audio and forums to help students. Using these resources, you will find it easier to learn how to help during learning activities and maintain good relationships with other students.

Other Information

You will also find out about management of pupil behavior, helping literacy and numeracy activities and working with other people. There are also subjects that focus on supporting your colleagues, planning and evaluating learning activities. Among the other subjects that have to be studied are dealing with behavior problems, communicating with pupils, praise and encouragement.

Free online courses for teachers aide also teach you how to observe changes in students. An integral part of the course is guiding pupil behavior.