Free Online Professional Development Courses for Teachers

Free online professional development courses for teachers have long been used by educators to improve their standing. The fact that they do not cost anything makes them more attractive for teachers.

Coursework Overview

Professional development classes include subjects such as terminology, making assessments, tools and frameworks. You also learn about Interpreting test results and using data. These development programs include topics such as curriculum, aligning goals, classroom research, improving educational policy and research methodology.

Core subjects are about classroom management, continuous assessment, teaching through inquiry using differentiation and comprehension. Other core topics are developing balanced reading programs, emergent literacy and lesson planning. There are also subjects that focus on students’ work. The topics here are concerned about maintaining records of student work, feedback to students, managing the paperwork and monitoring progress and completion of assignments.

Additional Details

Major parts of these courses include classroom management. The subjects consist of classroom organization, room preparation plans, suggestions for arranging your classroom and case studies. You can also concentrate on planning classroom procedures, students’ participation in rule setting and planning your classroom rules. There are also topics on Identifying school rules and procedures and preparing rules and procedures.


These free programs do more than just offer free resources. They also offer topics such as what licensing requirements are for in each state. Courses for specific subjects are available such as secondary education (7-12), K-12 music education and elementary education (K-6). There are also classes that center on social studies, science, math, English and many others. Teachers can also take up foreign language courses. This is useful for those who want to teach another language.

Other Information

Free websites have similarities and differences. The biggest is there are no instructors, degrees or certifications. But these free courses provide updated information on different topics. Aside from those mentioned, you can also interact with other teachers. These sites have no fixed schedules; you can browse their contents anytime.

There is no need to adjust your daily work just to study. A few of them require registration, but they do not cost anything. Most of the material consists of reading materials. But many of them have videos and audio files. Some of the contents are downloadable. Others can only be studied straight on the web.

Free online professional development courses for teachers are always being updated. For an educator, these programs can be used as a non-credit type of continuing education.