Online CE Courses for Nursing

Online CE courses for nursing are required in all states. The need for them is obvious. The world is constantly changing. There are technological and clinical advancements being made every day. The only way for a nurse to remain effective is by continuing their education.

Coursework Overview

There is no agreement among CE nursing schools regarding the course subjects. The coursework is divided into behavioral, social and physical sciences. There are also specialty and general areas of study available.

Other popular courses are about the functional aspects of indirect patient care, research and education. There are also subjects about management, nursing administration, pharmacology and relationship skills. The latter courses focus on how nurses should deal with coworkers, patients and superiors.

Additional Details

Apart from interpersonal skills, some courses center on foreign language study. This can be handy in several situations. Many continuing education programs for nurses also concentrate on grief, dying, death and human sexuality.

These courses are more advanced than the general, free courses online. Their purpose is the same: to advance the knowledge and skills of nurses.


These programs are accessible anytime. Webinars and recorded video lectures can be accessed during the day or night. Websites offer numerous topics that students can choose from. Forums make it possible for students to discuss different topics with their peers.

Other Information

These programs are not just for professionals or nurses who have graduated. They are also open for nurses who want to go back to school. These classes give them an opportunity to learn new lessons. CE courses can be used to satisfy requirements to get a higher degree.

CE programs allow a nurse to study a particular topic in-depth. Before you choose a CE program, investigate its background. Always look at what it has to offer in terms of payment, variety schedule etc. All these have to be considered before you join in.


All states require nurses to earn continuing education credits to renew and maintain their licenses. But the exact number of credits varies by jurisdiction and class. In Texas the contact hours needed is 20. In California it is 30. Nurses should check their state nursing board for more information.

Online CE courses for nursing are available in universities and colleges. However, the requirements and contents are not the same. The information given here gives you an idea of what their course content is like. But the actual program may differ.