Online Courses for Licensed Practical Nursing

Online courses for licensed practical nursing have top of the line programs for aspiring nursing students. If you are going to enroll in one of these programs, understanding their features will be important.

Overview of Coursework

These nursing schools explain the job and responsibilities of these professionals. Their basic task is to take care of sick people in different environments.

The contents of these sites prepare students for LPN licensure exam. The tips and guidance offered can make a huge difference for those who are taking them. The main subjects are about patient care, planning, evaluating patients, taking vital signs, medical terminology, anatomy and ethics.

Legitimate nursing programs have clinical training. Their activities in these classes will be supervised by instructors. They will learn about holistic patient care, health care agencies and what it is like to work in hospitals.

Additional Details

In some universities, students will be allowed to take the nursing exam once they can finish one semester of the program. These courses earn credits and many of them can be transferred to a registered nursing program.

This is a feature that RN students should check out. The number of credits and semesters varies by class. The number of courses you can take online also varies depending on the site. Nursing students must complete the credits stated in the class to graduate.


Many classes have flexible schedules. You can study anytime. But in other schools it is fixed. In fact some sites only offer them during specific periods. Check the website before moving on. Make sure you know what the schedule will be.

Other Information

Admission requirements differ by class. Usually, students have to pass a reading and writing assessment exam. A lot of schools require students to have a 2.5 grade or higher. Preclinical courses have to be taken up too.

A minimum of C is needed here. Students have to maintain their grades so they can maintain their course. All applicants must have finished their high school. If you don’t have college credits or don’t match the SAT score minimum, you have to take a placement exam.

Job Outlook

Graduates can apply for work in hospitals, clinics and nursing homes. Those who graduate from legitimate LPN universities can earn over $60,000. You can earn more as you gain experience.

Online courses for licensed practical nursing are only going to increase in numbers. This is because the demand for nurses is going up around the US.