Online College Math Courses for Teachers

Online college math courses for teachers are now available in several sites. Graduate and post graduate courses can be taken on the web. Formal education and free programs may be studied.


Practically every mathematics branch may be studied. This includes trigonometry, algebra, geometry, calculus and advanced computations. Each of these subjects have different levels (geometry I, algebra I, II and so on). They are also very detailed. There are introductory subjects such as fractions, decimals, whole number reviews and so on. An algebra course will cover topics like bilinear forms, linear transformations, vector spaces and polynomials.

There are also subjects that will teach you about the number system. Teachers will also have to study theorems, graphs and mathematical sciences. Mechanics of deformable solids, fluid mechanics, particle mechanics and computer algebra are also taught in these classes. There are also courses about statistics, probability theory and Stochastic processes.

More advanced concepts include manifolds, algebraic topology and general topology. The latter is also known as point set topology. This area includes topics about dimension theory, open spaces, separation axioms and continuous functions.

Free Courses

These can be taken by teachers too. While they have a lot of information, not all of them earn credit. Online universities offer credit earning courses. The price of each course varies. States have different rules regarding the credit hours needed. You have to check your universality regarding credit transfer policies and rules.This will vary from university to university.


Websites have different set ups. Most of these programs are self-paced, although some of them assign instructors to their students. The majority of these sites divide the lessons into modules. Some courses only take a few hours to finish. But since these courses are self paced, students can decide to study full or part time. This will determine the length of each course.

Other Information

Online classes have lectures, assignments and video guides. Just like other online classes, there are discussion forums, boards and email. Some of them now use Skype and other means to enhance communication.
Some of these courses prepare teachers for the state exams. These subjects will cover a lot of topics.

Different study materials are available. There are several lessons available. Study materials include electronic notes, lectures, question sheets, problem sets and tests.

Online college math courses for teachers have to be accredited. Free programs do not earn credit. By taking one of these classes, you will be better prepared for the job.