Online Courses for Counseling

There are online courses for counseling available for those who want to engage in this kind of work. The subject is vast, but the Internet can help the student use the right resources.


The subject covers a broad spectrum. Many sites specialize in one kind of counseling, while others offer general advice on several types. In the case of the latter, they will list the course categories on their site.

Some of the topics that may be covered are sociology, anger management, psychology, stress management and grief counseling. Clicking the links will provide information. In some sites there will be video lectures provided for as well.

What the Courses Offer

Internet courses offer up to date information as well as proven techniques for whatever counseling the website is offering. In sites that focus on emotional therapy, social work, and relationship education, the sites will offer modern and classical perspectives.

Even if the course is a pay site, you will get an idea of what they are offering. This makes it easier to determine if the course is worth paying for. Both free and pay courses have links to other resources on the web.

Just like in a real class, Internet courses offer tutorials, examples and quizzes. Students will get a chance to tackle real-life situations and respond properly. The student wont just memorize facts and figures; they will develop their own way of thinking needed to be able to take the right steps. The more comprehensive sites will cover each topic in depth.

For instance, in the field of confidence building, the core issues will be addressed. The course participants will learn how to develop their self-esteem and why some people struggle with it. A common feature is the journaling exercise which increase comprehension of what triggers low confidence.

Other Information

If you want a career in this field, decide which area you want to concentrate on. Is it behavioral counseling, marriage counseling, disciplinary counseling, pre-conception counseling, pregnancy options counseling or something else? Knowing exactly what you want to achieve is going to be the key. After that, you can start searching the Internet for the proper resources.

Finding online courses for counseling is not hard. However, you should go over the features of the site thoroughly. Remember that there are plenty of sites that offer certificates for those who finish the course and graduate. This is just like a real school except you study online.