Online French Courses for College Credit

Online French courses for college credit are not that difficult to find nowadays. In today’s business environment, learning the language will be a plus. It is also helpful when traveling to the country or speaking to Frenchmen.


There are many websites that offer the subject. While most of them are not credit earning, they can still prove valuable. If credit is necessary, you should check the online school regulations. Whichever you choose, the schedule will almost certainly be more flexible than in a typical school.


All of them will teach you how to speak French, but the ways and means will vary from site to site. Some websites will offer basic pronunciation guides along with examples of common terms. Others will make full use of multimedia elements.

Audio is now used in several Internet courses to pronounce difficult French words. An increasing number of these courses are interactive. They make full use of audio files, dialogs, video presentations and similar material. These websites also have tests, multiple-choice quizzes and exams. You can use these tests to check your progress. Placement tests are available to assess course level.

Some of these materials are set in PDF format, while others are in text. A few of these files are in word format (DOC). Make sure you have the appropriate software installed. Also keep in mind that these programs do not just focus on simple exercises.

These sites also have articles on French history, culture, and literature. These are in French so you can immerse yourself more deeply in their culture. They will usually have links to French websites so you can put yourself to the test.

Other Resources

Interactive quizzes, games and videos are also used in these sites. They also have links to forums. Apart from basic French terms, some courses set the emphasis on business terms and expressions.

Other Information

If you are having trouble hearing sounds, you may not have the right player installed. Some sites use Media Player, but others QuickTime. The website will usually explain what kinds of programs are required. These programs can be learned on your own. But some websites have instructors. This can be a real help in some cases.

Online French courses for college credit have other features. They usually include dictionaries, glossaries and translation of common French expressions in English. They also have links to other resources to hone your skills even further.