Online Courses for Gifted Children

Online courses for gifted children are specially designed so they can maximize their latent. The way the programs are set up may be similar to other online classes. But the lessons are more intensive.

Overview of Coursework

Some of the subjects that are studied online are music, history, economics, mathematics, foreign languages, sciences (biology, physics, etc), computer science and many others. Each of these topics has several subjects.

Math Courses in Detail

For instance, math courses will include topics like accelerated k-2 mathematics, precalculus, geometry, intermediate and advanced algebra. Calculus, linear algebra, introduction to logic, number theory, real analysis, complex analysis and differential equations are also part of the curriculum.

Computer Science Programs

Computer science courses allow students to write computer programs. These will be submitted electronically to their instructors. Courses usually start with an introduction to C programming, syntax and concepts. They will learn about hardware and how it interacts with the compiler.

Gifted students will also study control statements, expressions and data types. Advanced C concepts such as trees, linked lists, arrays and arguments are explained in detail. Students have the option to learn Java too. You can find out how to make Java applets. This requires knowledge of C or C++.

Physics Courses

Students will be trained on the physics sequence, mechanics, electricity and magnetism. Quantum mechanics is also taught as well as light, heat and other physics topics.


Assignments are usually posted on the online platform. Students will view or download them. Lectures may be done via forum postings or streaming / recorded video. Most education websites use Blackboard as their learning platform.

But other websites may use another software. Schedules differ. Some of them are self paced, while others follow the school semester. Self paced or not, deadlines are imposed for assignments to be submitted.

Other Information

Note: the course subjects given here are examples. The actual subject given will depend on the child’s age and their ability. Many schools allow students to choose. Subjects will depend on the level. The most commonly used online are elementary, secondary, university, AP and enrichment levels.

Before you enroll in one of these programs, go through the curriculum carefully. You can contact these websites via email. Be sure to check out other information such as costs, payment options and other essentials.

Online courses for gifted children provide numerous other benefits. Aside from making studies convenient, they are usually less expensive than traditional schools.