Online Courses for Gym Instructors

Online courses for gym instructors are now beginning to be an important factor in fitness learning. The convenience they provide has made them very popular among students who do not have the time to attend a traditional school. Graduates can work in training facilities or health clubs. To be a qualified instructor, you should only enroll in accredited study programs.

Coursework Overview

Fitness training programs offer comprehensive topics, beginning with basic concepts. Core topics center on the physiology of exercise, performance, training, physiology of health and fitness.
These programs emphasize the physiology of training, temperature regulation and respiration during exercise.

Important topics such as circulatory adaptations to exercise, muscles, the nervous system, and measurement of work, power and energy expenditure are covered. Hormonal response to exercise and metabolism are also part of the curriculum.

Health and Fitness Topics

Gym training programs include studies about nutrition for health, body composition, exercise for groups with specific circumstances and exercise prescriptions for health and fitness. You will also learn what exams are used for determining cardio respiratory fitness. Patterns in disease and health are studied too.

Performance and Training Courses

The subjects covered here include environment and exercise, nutrition, body composition and performance. Separate subjects for common training mistakes, improved flexibility, improving muscular strength and anaerobic power are studied. You also get training on endurance, aerobic power, components of a training session, training principles and tests to assess performance.

Features and Format

Students get trained on different types of training. They can specialize in strength or cardiovascular exercises. They can also work with groups or with individuals. Full-featured programs offer comprehensive curriculums. Courses may include program design, assessments, nutrition and physiology. There are exams at the end of the program. These can be taken online or in person.

Other Information

Most of the study materials are on the web; but some of these websites use different websites. Some of these classes have their instructions in audio format. You can download the files and listen to them in an mp3 player. Other study materials come in DVDs, study guides and other textbooks. Applicants have to be at least 18 years old. However, they do not need to have any degrees or certificates.

Online courses for gym instructors and other fitness programs are not subject to a governing body. For this reason, a certificate is preferred by many companies. The advantage of studying online is you can proceed at your own pace.