Online Courses for High School Students in California

Online courses for high school students in California are available in several types. The most common are university-sponsored, charter, public and private. All of them have different features.


Park School students
Park School students (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Subjects and courses are similar to those in traditional classrooms. The major subjects are English, mathematics, science and US history. There are also courses on foreign languages and the arts. Many of these sites also offer sub-fields for each of the major subjects. Students can pursue courses on calculus, algebra, English literature, chemistry and so on.

The curriculums are designed to meet the needs of students. Some courses are for regular students. Others are for those who are gifted. Coursework in these programs differ of course. Students or parents have to go through the curriculum to be certain. Additional programs exist for advanced placement, college prep and special education.

Format and Features

These high school classes are run by specially trained teachers. High quality sites have professionally trained educators. They are taught to work with students. They are also skilled in using computers and the Internet.

Choosing a School on the Web

Students have to check how long the schools have been in existence. Several of them have been there for a long time; others come and go. Students should assess how long it has been around. Credit transfer rules vary. Although they are all California based, rules can and do differ.

Online students have to consider the percentage that actually graduate from the site. Look for another school if there are several students who don’t finish. But also keep in mind that academic recovery programs have fewer graduates. Also check the student and teacher ratio.

More Considerations

Students who intend to go to college have to examine the school credentials carefully. Some of the information you should ask are admissions essay assistance, SAT preparation and college counseling. Tuition fees are charged per semester. Some of these programs have free classes.

However, parents need to pay for the Internet connection, software and more. There may also be fees for graduation, technology use and so on. But scholarships and discounts are available.


Web based high school courses are accepted throughout America. The diplomas and credit given in these schools are accepted by colleges and universities. There are also schools that accept national accreditation.

Legitimate online courses for high school students in California are widely accepted. The most widely accepted are those with regional accreditation.