UT Online Courses for High School Students

If you are a high school student who wishes to take a few of your courses online so you won’t be swamped with school work come the new school year or you’re a high school student who is on an athletic scholarship and you just don’t have the time to take all of your classes and squeeze-in practice at the same time; you can find high school courses for credit on the internet.

University of Texas at Austin wordmark.

University of Texas at Austin wordmark. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some of the best schools in the United States actually have online learning portals and they offer degree courses as well as high school courses for credit.

The University of Texas at Austin for instance, has an online school that provides high school courses to students from anywhere in the world.

UT Online Courses for High School Students

The University of Texas in Austin makes it possible for high school students to take their required courses online via the UT K-16 Education Center which is a part of the university’s Continuing Education program.

Students who have completed their 8th grade education are eligible to enroll in the online school. You do not have to be a resident of Texas or the United States to be able to enjoy their online high school program.

Apart from students who have recently completed their 8th grade education, a good number of adults likewise enroll in the high school program to help them finally complete their high school education and earn their HS diploma.

Basically, students are allowed to complete their course within one hundred and fifty days or roughly about five months or so. You can choose courses that you take fully online or you can also choose courses that are CD-based.

Courses to Choose From

To date, there are about fifty-two UT online courses for high school students. These are the following:

– English I-IV

– Mathematics: Algebra, Geometry, Pre-Calculus

– Science

– World Geography

– World History

– Spanish

– Economics

– US History

– Health

– Physical Education

There are likewise Elective courses including Calculus, Journalism and Psychology.

Course Work

Assignments will be given per course and final exams will also be given. If you are in another state or country, you should check with the university about where you can take your final exam. The exam should be taken under the supervision of a proctor.

Usually, colleges or universities in other states or countries provide testing facilities for students enrolled in online education programs.

Also, assignments may be passed at any time provided it is within the allotted time frame given by the online school – usually within 9 months from date of enrollment.

Lastly, your final grade will be based on your assignments and final exam: 75% on assignments and 25% on your final exam.