Online Courses for LPN School

Online courses for LPN school teach students how to work under registered nurses or physicians. Unlike RNs, study programs for LPNs are not as difficult. Those who want to make the transition from licensed practical nurse to RN may do so in several colleges and universities.

Coursework Overview

There are different topics covered in LPN nursing programs. They teach aspirants how to care for the sick and injured. They are taught the proper techniques for handling disabled patients.

Courses focus on laboratory simulations and different learning methodologies. The subjects begin with an overview of the nursing process. You will learn the discipline required for the job.

The coursework focuses on intervention in caring for adult clients and making assessments. There are also topics on assisting clients, practice and theoretical studies. Nursing students also have to learn about intravenous therapy, medication administration and general nursing skills.

Prerequisite courses are managerial skills, mental health, pediatrics and nutrition. Anatomy and physiology have to study anatomy too. This is mandatory in all nursing programs regardless of the state.

Additional Details

There are also subjects on nursing fundamentals. Students get trained to lessen health pains. The training includes identification and promotion of health. Other subjects are on lifelong learning, critical thinking and making ethical decisions.

The coursework typically includes geriatrics, pediatrics, newborn and maternity. Body structure and functioning will also be part of the study program. An integral part of the curriculum is working under the supervision of an RN.

Other Information

LPN nursing colleges also focus on exam preparation. They provide training and navigation for those new to online studies too. Clinical training is provided. This takes place in nursing facilities, hospitals and clinical settings. After taking these courses, you can sit for the state exam. You will also learn how to work in different environments. LPNs can work in health care centers, rehab centers etc.


Tuition fees, admission processes and other requirements vary. At the very least you need a high school diploma, medical screening, criminal background checks and submission of references and transcripts. You need to go through them. Few classes are not totally online. There will be live, lab and clinical training in these sites.

Online courses for LPN school are featured in several accredited universities. The important thing is to ensure the school you enroll in has a good reputation. It can mean a greater chance of passing the state nursing exam.