Online Courses for LPN to BSN

Online courses for LPN to BSN offer comprehensive lessons for nursing students. These training programs are as comprehensive as their traditional counterparts. But the fact some of the study materials are on the web makes them more convenient to study.

Coursework Overview

These programs cover a variety of topics. Some of them begin with an overview or LPN refresher course. Students enrolled in nursing schools learn how to replace wound dressings, administer injections and monitor blood pressure.

General education classes may include literature, composition, pathophysiology and microbiology. The coursework may include studies in mental health, pediatrics, producing scientific writing and how to conduct proper research. Additional coursework may consist of obstetrics, assessing health and pharmacology.

Other aspects that may have to be addressed are psychology, fine arts, public speaking and bacteriology. The syllabus will also include treating chronic illnesses, nursing problems and statistics.


Students will receive training from instructors on the web. In some classes they will perform virtual laboratories. After graduating, you will be better prepared for the nursing exam. There may be other requirements depending on the state.

Additional Details

Most of these programs require two years of study. After they graduate, students earn credit. If necessary, they must take up general education requirements needed to complete the program. 64 credits are required to finish the core subjects.

In many universities, enrollees have to move their LPN coursework. This will allow them to commence the BSN program. This will not be required if general education courses have been completed.

Clinical Training

This aspect of the program varies by school. But they may consist of lab experiments, internship, and training in clinics or hospitals. Their activities are supervised by licensed teachers.

Job Outlook

Those who graduate from nursing colleges can work in hospitals, clinics or doctor’s offices.

Other Information

Nursing students must also study nursing concepts and theories, foundations of nursing and management. There are also specific courses caring for children or the elderly. More advanced courses will focus on nursing leadership and advanced nursing.

If you are going to study general education, the subjects will probably consist of social sciences, humanities, fine arts, math and English. The topics may also include emergency nursing, acute and critical care and rehabilitation.

Online courses for LPN to BSN are widespread not just in the US but in other countries. Improving technology is making it possible for many subjects to be taken on the web.