Online Courses for Nursing in the Caribbean

Online courses for nursing in the Caribbean have become very popular among those who want to study in an alternative manner. With the nursing shortage still prevalent, you will have an easier time landing a job.


Associate of nursing (ASN) degrees take two years to finish. Some of the subjects that you have to take are pediatric care, psychiatry, nursing ethics and microbiology. These are only some of the programs that may be studied. Nursing students get tips to help them prepare for the national nursing exam. Most of these universities give you a chance to earn a nursing bachelor’s degree.

Most of these programs are patterned after nursing schools in the US. While a lot of coursework can be studied online, clinical training is necessary. The latter takes place alongside or after your online studies. These training programs will provide you the experience necessary in the job.

You will work in hospitals, health centers and other clinics. The length of these training programs differs. Online and clinical training combined may take three years.

Schedule and Format

These nursing classes allow you to study full time or part time. Most allow nursing students to arrange their own schedule. There are several websites using multimedia elements. These websites allow you to study subjects like nutrition, biochemistry and epidemiology.

Of course you will have to study anatomy and physiology. Refresher courses and basic nursing programs are available too. Before you take one of these classes, go through the course description. They should give you an idea of what kind of site it is.


Those who enroll in these schools can work in the Caribbean. Or they can work in America and other countries. Just like other programs, you can take most of the coursework at home.

Other Information

Nurses who have graduated can take continuing courses. These courses cover a variety of topics. They range from the latest cancer research, nursing laws to dealing with stress, AIDS research and so on. The majority of states require this to maintain and renew their nursing licenses.

Enrollment in these programs varies. Make sure you go through the whole process. You also want to take a look at the site passing rates. The costs of these sites vary; compare as many as possible.

Online courses for nursing in the Caribbean are expanding in number. However, you need to be wary of bogus websites. Check their accreditation and credentials.