Online Courses for Paralegal Assistant

Online courses for paralegal assistant provide students with a more comfortable way of studying. The most basic programs focus on the tasks they have to do for lawyers. In other places they are known as legal assistants.

Coursework Overview

The core subjects center on conducting research and how to write legal documents. In paralegal training colleges, courses will vary. Usually there are four (or two) core subjects that a paralegal has to study. Undergraduate studies include legal ethics, professional responsibility and contracts.

Other vital subjects are on personal injury, torts and foundational skills. You will also find topics about writing, legal research and authority. Other courses are about the laws of evidence, immigration and employment laws. Specialty courses for bankruptcy, business law, domestic relations and real property are available. Criminal law may also be studied.

Prerequisites courses may consist of marketing, principles of management and American history. Other aspects that have to be studied are the American government, international business, microeconomics and macroeconomics. Some or all of these courses have to be taken up.

Additional Details

Students can take programs that focus on specific areas of the law. Among the most common specialties are public communications law, alternative dispute resolution and criminal procedure. Students may also take up criminal procedure, constitutional law and white-collar crime.

Bachelor’s and associate’s programs also have to study general education courses. In many universities, you have to study advanced legal science. The topics covered here are about sociology, cultural literacy, media and math.


Advanced legal courses are focused on contract provision, drafting contracts and legal document preparation. Civil litigation is also included in these studies. Several other legal subjects have to be studied as well.

Other Information

Strictly speaking, there are no formal requirements for these assistants. But six-month courses to bachelor’s degrees and diplomas are available in paralegal schools. A typical associate’s degree takes 15 months for you to complete. If you prefer a bachelor’s degree, it will take three to four years.

There are no master’s degrees for the subject in the US. But there are master’s programs that accept students who have a bachelor’s degree in paralegal. You can study a Master of Science program or Master of Arts program in law and governance.

Online courses for paralegal assistant are somewhat similar to the role of secretaries. But there are differences. The biggest is that paralegals have to do a lot more work. Before you enroll, check the course description.