Online Courses for Pharmacist Assistant

Online courses for pharmacist assistant teach students about the tasks they have to perform. By the time students graduate, they will understand how to provide support for a pharmacist.


Several subjects are covered. But class modules usually concentrate on pharmacology, human anatomy and physiology and medical terminology. All of these subjects are covered in detail. For example, medical terminology modules have a glossary of medical terms and basic word structure analysis.

These modules cover the terms used in the nervous system, urinary and reproductive systems and digestive and endocrine systems. Technical words used in the respiratory, immune, blood and lymphatic systems are explained as well. The cardiovascular, muscular and skeletal systems are explained in detail.

Pharmacology Subjects

These make up the core courses of a pharmacological class. Modules will include studies on drug-herb interactions, herbal therapies and substance abuse. Modules also cover topics such as home health and end-of-life care, drug therapy in older adults, gene therapy and immunizing agents and immunosuppressives. You will gain knowledge about antineoplastic drugs, diuretics and medications, hormones and endocrine glands.

Other Information

Make certain the course has accreditation. Look for a course that is as detailed as possible. Even though you are studying to be an assistant pharmacist, it helps to be aware of a pharmacist’s task. This means you have to understand facts about HIPAA, medications distribution and the relationship of pharmacology and medical treatments.

Pharmacy assistants will also study prostaglandins and prostaglandin inhibitors, antidepressants, tranquilizers and pain medications. Antihistamines, sulfonamides and antibiotics are explained and studied in web classes. Beginner subjects focus on mathematics of dosage and the basics of pharmacology.


Some courses can be viewed directly on the web. Other web classes will require supplemental textbooks. These and other study guides are usually delivered straight to your home. Practically all these websites offer email and other means of technical support. Forums can be also be used to communicate with instructors and other students.


Students have to be well versed in typing. They must know how to use the Internet for research. Your Internet must be stable. A cable / DSL connection is recommended to watch videos. Websites may also have other prerequisites that must be complied with.

Contents of online courses for pharmacist assistant may be different from what is stated here. This is because various activities are assigned to them. But almost all will train you how to interact with customers.