Online Courses for RN

Online courses for RN train students in all the essentials needed for the job. Unlike conventional classes, the Internet allows students to study wherever you are.

Coursework Overview

The focus of these American RN schools is on patient care and medical treatment. Courses concentrate on nursing management, professional issues, health care systems and clinical dimensions of professional nursing practice.

Other courses are about pharmacology & nutrition concepts, pathophysiology and community health nursing. Students must also learn about nursing research, methodology & critique. The purpose of these programs is to teach students how to be certified nurse specialists and nurse practitioners. Undergraduate classes are available in major universities.

Additional Details

Nursing students must also take up counseling, human physiology and nursing theories in practice. There are also teaching/learning and health assessment courses available. You can also specialize as a nursing business executive, clinical nurse specialist, nurse midwife or nurse practitioner.

There are accelerated programs provided in some classes. These programs are for students who have advanced degrees. This allows them to finish the program in a year.

RN to BSN Programs

Several programs have RN to BSN classes. These programs are for those with an associate degree. Before you enroll, there are prerequisite entrance courses. These can only be taken by RNs with a license.

Other Information

The RN nursing programs will get training on how to work in nursing homes. You will get trained on how to work in clinics, physicians’ offices and hospitals. These universities offer several degrees to choose from.

Among them are Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing, nurse practitioner and graduate certificate programs for clinical nurse specialist. There are also Bachelors of Science in Nursing provided. Master’s programs can be earned in these programs too. Many of these universities accept students from different states and countries.

Schedules vary depending on the school. Online classes usually start around spring. The semester schedule is usually the same as those of conventional classes. The legitimate nursing classes have accreditation. If you are going to pursue RN to BSN, transition classes are going to be necessary. This takes place before the curriculum.


The requirements will vary. Before you take one of these courses, review them first. One course per term is the norm.

Online courses for RN continue to remain popular because the demand is still high. The important thing is to be sure you enroll in a program that will be in the state you are in.