Online Courses for Speech Language Pathology

Online courses for speech language pathology are comparable to their brick and mortar counterparts in quality. Now you can earn a master’s degree right on the Internet.


Degree names can vary depending on the school. State universities prioritize residents, but applicants elsewhere in the States and the world are accepted. A master’s degree is needed by anyone who wants to work in the field.

Coursework Overview

Core courses aim to teach students about communication disorders and how they are overcome. Students have to finish the required credit hours. They must also complete courses on speech anatomy and physiology, language disorders, phonetics and similar subjects before they are admitted in a graduate program.

Other areas that will be studied are cognitive linguistic disorders, neurology for speech and language and rehab audiology. Advanced topics touch on subjects like phonology, voice disorders and child language. Full time programs take three years to finish. Clinical fieldwork training will take four to ten weeks at least.

Most of them require participants to possess a bachelor’s degree in speech-language science, communication or a related course. Additional subjects may touch on language development, the cause of stuttering and treatments and fluency issues. Multicultural communication disorders are also covered.


Most of the information can be viewed on the web. Other study programs give you the option of downloading the materials first. Videos, PDF files, chat rooms and discussion forums may be used to enhance the study environment. Exams are given on a regular basis. Students are allowed to complete the lessons at their own pace.

Clinical Training

Many online universities are now offering these online classes. However, several hours of clinical work are required. This will be done in a clinic approved by the website. Before you enroll, make sure that there is such a facility near you.

This information can be obtained from the class website. Aside from clinical fieldwork, some classes require their students to attend their campus at the beginning of the class.

Other Features

Apart from the programs mentioned, you may be required to study augmentive/alternative communication, speech production disorders and feeding and swallowing issues. Speech and hearing science and neurophysiology must also be explored. Students will also be asked to do research in communication disorders and sciences. You will also have to take up amplification and aural rehabilitation.

Online courses for speech language pathology are not just for students. There are also courses for professionals who want to continue their education.