Online Courses for Teachers Math

Online courses for teachers math have been created specifically for professional and aspiring educators. The wide array of programs available give you a lot of options.


Teachers can choose courses for continuing education or to get them started in this career. The subjects offered will vary depending on what you select. You can choose to study K-12, college or other levels. Teachers can be very precise in deciding what branch to study.


The coursework depends on the class. You can brush up on whatever math branch you are teaching. There are courses for algebra, calculus, number theory, logic and applied mathematics. You can choose from math for kids, teenagers, college students etc. There are also subjects about being a teacher.

Other math study programs focus on the teacher. The syllabus usually includes lesson preparation, asking the right questions and keeping students interested in the subject. Other courses focus on developing your teaching skills, educating a student, teaching successfully and preparing classes before school day begins.

Math educators can also take courses in student assessment, motivation and creating homework. These subjects may not seem directly related to mathematics. But they can help in the teaching process. More advanced topics may also be offered. Websites have course syllabuses and descriptions to help you choose.


Many Internet classes use Blackboard, but other universities use their own interface. To access these programs, you must enroll in the university. Application forms are provided online. Once you are enrolled, you can choose which math subjects to study.

The course materials consist of reading texts, graphics, illustrations, audio and video. Students can also use forums and chat rooms to interact with other teachers enrolled in the class.

Free Courses

Many free study programs are online. They offer comprehensive topics about mathematics. Many use videos, audio and other multimedia files. There are no scheduling restrictions. However, these courses do not earn credits. You cannot get certificates or degrees here. Assignments are not graded either. These resources are usually offered by universities. If you are looking for formal education, enrollment is necessary.

Other Information

Some math classes offer degrees in financial mathematics. Many universities have research centers which teachers can access on the web. Many schools offer an interdisciplinary approach to the subject.

Online courses for teachers math are always evolving. The features indicated are just some what you might commonly expect. As technology improves, the interactive elements will go up.