Online Courses for Vet Technician

Online courses for vet technician provide training for students who want to take care of animals. You learn how to work under the guidance of a licensed veterinarian.

Coursework Overview

Vet tech programs offer different curriculums. However, there are many topics that are considered standard. These include anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, veterinary office practices and alternatives to companion animal species.

An aspiring veterinary technician also has to study veterinary office practices, surgical techniques, veterinary dentistry and radiography. You also have to learn anesthesia, animal nursing and companion animal nutrition. You also have to prepare pharmaceuticals as they are dictated by the vet. You are also going to study medication administration. There are also topics on getting anesthetic delivery systems ready.


After studying these courses, you will learn how to take urine and blood samples. You are also going to find out how to conduct different tests. Course study subjects include laboratory tests and getting tissue samples ready. You also discover how vaccinations and dental care work.

Required coursework varies from site to site. Usually they consist of psychology, speech communications, English, humanities and arts. You may also study mathematics and science. Aside from those, you may be required to study algebra and chemistry.


These programs also have an internship program. Your activities will be supervised by a licensed veterinarian. This is necessary to get a hands-on experience. By the end of this course, you will learn about ethical, humane and medical care for different creatures. You will also be trained on the laws that govern this practice.

Additional areas of study are about responsible ownership, food production, research facilities and shelters. You will also be trained in different techniques that involve medications and care.


The majority of aspiring techs take up two-year associate’s degrees. Completing this program qualifies you to work at an entry level. It is also possible to study a four-year bachelor’s degree in veterinary technology. This is available in colleges which usually have some courses on the web.

Additional Details

Vet technician universities also have to study animal diseases, veterinary lab techniques and animal nursing. There are also subjects that focus on general education courses, communications and other core subjects.

Online courses for vet technician are offered in several universities. Some of these are standalone classes which operate directly on the web. Before you can enroll in these sites, you have to know their admission requirements and meet them.