Online Courses for Veterinary Technicians

Online courses for veterinary technicians allow you to study without attending a brick and mortar school. These courses offer the same quality as those in traditional classes.


These classes teach participants the function of a vet tech. By the time of graduation, students will learn how to perform different clinical functions and procedures. Basically, a vet tech is like a nurse. The success of various online endeavors has resulted in more universities offering these classes online.

Course and Degree Options

There are several to choose from. One of the most popular is an associate of science in veterinary technology degree program.
Online classes have two components. The first will have you take assignments online. The core courses will include veterinary technology and medicine.

Studies are conducted by way of the site’s own learning platform. The format will vary depending on the site. Course topics are asynchronous. You choose when to study. The ability to choose a schedule is what makes Internet classes attractive.

The second component is the clinical training. This will take place at an animal clinic or hospital. A single location may be chosen or there may be several options. During lab experiments, your home community will go through the details.

Additional Features

Most of these online classes offer access to archived files. These can be used as reference materials. In most cases the student can learn all the material online. But others are hybrid, requiring attendance in live classrooms and lectures. Sometimes websites make use of web conferencing instead. These conferences may take place weekly or monthly.

Students can avail of numerous learning materials, electronic resources and academic advising. Instructors and guides are also provided. Web classes also offer multimedia presentations. These are used to illustrate different concepts. It should be noted that students are assigned mentors to supervise their activities in labs. They will make sure that the lab tests are performed accurately.

Other Information

No matter what course you take, make sure the school is accredited by the proper supervising body of your country. In the US it is the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA). The length of the course varies. A full time student will finish the course in two years. Enrollees who study part time will take longer.

Online courses for veterinary technicians are ideal for those students who want to study in a nontraditional way. Because these classes are offered by good universities, the quality is top of the line.