Online Courses for Website Design Free

Online courses for website design free have enabled nonprofessionals to produce top notch web pages and sites. Their features are comparable to those with the degree programs offered in universities.

Coursework Overview

Colleges with web design classes and those in free sites often have the same contents. They begin with an introduction to the Internet and how the web works. You will also learn create a basic web page and learn about attributes, lists and tables.

Students also get trained to use links, images and cascading style sheets (CSS). Additional CSS subjects include common tags, directory structure, common properties, values and selector types. There are also courses on JS built-in objects, introduction to JavaScript object and JavaScript programming.

Courses on this program focus on event handling, events, forms, loops and functions. Courses explain the evolution of the web. Some of these resources have website templates. You learn how they were created. Students learn how to insert text, data animation and images in a website. You also discover how to do digital image manipulation.

Programs Studied

Free websites use different programs for their lessons. They must be installed in your computer. If the site uses Dreamweaver, you must have that application. Other programs may be required. These may include Flash, Adobe Reader and many others.

Additional Details

Universities with web classes include topics on web page layout methods, CSS imagery and typography. These are also offered in many free websites. You will also learn about computer and artistic skills necessary to make a site. Students also discover how to use color in designing a page.

Features and Other Information

There are basic and advanced courses to choose from. The quality varies; some teach you how to make a single page. Others offer courses on how to build a fully interactive website. You also learn how to use the latest technologies in creating websites. Some of these classes have links to pages that offer employment opportunities.

In colleges, students have to create a portfolio. This is not necessary in free websites. You will also learn what kinds of degrees are available. Just like in universities, these places offer interactive assistance. Busy students get the chance to continue their education even though they are busy.

Online courses for website design free do not earn degrees or certifications. These courses usually do not have any instructors either. But many offer instructional videos and forums for interaction.