Online Creative Writing Courses for Credit

Online creative writing courses for credit are becoming more common. Unlike other courses, you can complete them on the web. These credits work the same way as those in regular classes.

Coursework Overview

Colleges with creative writing programs consist of different topics. Some of the most common are poetry, prose, writing a one act play, writing the children’s story and developing the personal narrative. You will also learn how to write a story in a particular genre.

Elements of prose are also covered. You can also take up a course in playwriting. You discover basic facts about one act plays, revisions, collaborative creation and performance of a short drama. As a writer you also learn about, oral/written critiquing excerpts, how to discuss films and plays.

Objectives and Goals

These programs teach students how to interpret different types of poems. In addition, you get the chance to read and analyze works by modern and classic works. Aspiring writers also learn major elements in fiction writing. They discover how to implement this into their own works. Various online activities explain poetic techniques, poem elements and different types of poems.

You get trained to develop a critical eye and have a larger literary scope. These programs do not just teach you how to write, but also facts about literature. The curriculum includes reviewing books, plays and other written material.

Some of these websites give you the chance to work in magazines. There are also a few sites linked to universities. In this case you may be required to attend a live class. You get to interact with teachers. Some of them even invite writers to speak before students.

Additional Details

You will also study plot research, setting, editing/revision, publication/sharing, discussion, oral/written critiquing and drafting an original story. A module on children’s story includes topics on drafting stories for kids, finding a suitable plot and studying different levels of children’s books/fairytales.

Other Information

Writing classes have many features similar to those in a real writing class. You may be required to submit a story which will be read by the instructor and fellow students. These are going to be critiqued, proofread and discussed. Instead of an exam, aspiring writers are required to make a portfolio.

Online creative writing courses for credit have different aspects. The information given above are just examples. A study program on writing may be composed of other topics aside from those mentioned.