Online Typing Courses for Free

You went to a job interview full of hope and you’ve already pictured yourself starting on your new job. Unfortunately, you went home frustrated and disappointed.

Who would have thought that a simple typing test can spoil your chances of getting the job?


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Yeah, your test showed that your typing average is only 15 words per minute and the company requires that you have a typing average of at least 35 words per minute!

Online Typing Courses for Free

All right, before you start getting depressed about a missed opportunity, you should take control and try one of those online typing courses for free. The courses are not actually such that you will be walked through the whole process of learning how to type.

These are instead in the form of typing tests that can help you see how many words you can type per minute.

The number of words is generally broken down into two categories: one is the number of words you type regardless of whether or not they correctly spelled; and the other will give you the number of correct words you typed within the given time limit.

Typing Levels

Your initial typing test will give you an idea of your typing average before you started learning and practicing typing. The initial test will generally be in the easy category which means that you will not be given long paragraphs to copy but more like short nursery rhymes just to get you started.

You can keep practicing at this level until such time when you have greatly improved your typing average. But the lessons do not end here. You will be given an option to go to the next level which means that you will be given paragraphs longer than the ones in the initial level.

You will have to type as many words as you can and as accurately as possible within one minute. Now, you may find that your first test here may not score better than the last one. As a matter of fact, you may get a lower typing average here.

The reason for this is mostly stress and panic which greatly affected your concentration and your typing speed. So as you go up the next level, remember to keep calm, forget about how long the paragraphs are and focus on what you are typing.

Again, you can keep practicing at this level until you are satisfied with your typing average. Remember that the typing average should be consistent and not a one-time deal.

So if you get a good typing score, do another test of a similar level just to make sure that you can achieve the same number of words again.

Your consistent typing score can tell you what your typing average really is.