Online Continuing Education Courses for Social Workers

Online continuing education courses for social workers allow a professional to complete these requirements without going to school. Online options are available in many websites and colleges that have CEU courses.

Coursework Overview

Colleges with social work degrees and their online counterparts arrange their subjects in different sections. Divisions vary but there are several topics which are almost always covered. These include studies in human relations, social psychology basic and advanced concepts.

You will find topics about becoming a helper, ethics, responsibilities and the law. Other subjects are about case management, social work in rural areas and drug abuse and correctional services. Other available subjects are about child welfare services, social work in health care, mental health, administration and research.

License and CEUs

These topics are often reviewed in CEU courses. These programs are available only for social workers who have a valid license. This can be obtained by completing a master’s or bachelor’s degree in social work. These CEU courses have to be taken every three years to renew the license. After the CEUs are completed, the social worker will submit them to the state.


Social work classes are
required to complete a specific number of CE units; the number varies by state. Some do not require you to submit evidence of CEU. However, audits are performed on a random basis. Proof of CEUs have to be submitted. For this reason, continuing education records have to be kept for four years.

Format and Features

A course in ethics is mandatory in most states as is pain management. Other topics that may be needed are common errors in workplace social interactions, stress and frustration, social issues in the workplace and in general. Continuing education classes include learning about the self, schemas, inference and emotion.

Other Information

There are also courses that focus on nonverbal communication, attributing the causes of behavior and research methods. The latter is often studied because methods are always changing. After completing the required courses, you will earn the credits needed to complete the program. If continuing education is not completed, they will be in violation of the state’s health code. This can result in probation or license suspension.

Online continuing education courses for social workers work in different ways, depending on the state. To renew licenses, a certain number of CEU hours have to be completed. You need to consult the state licensing board for more information.