Online Courses for College Credit for Calculus

Online courses for college credit for calculus are very similar to those in standard classes. After completing these web classes, the credits are awarded to you. Credits can be transferred to different universities.

Branches and Concepts

Calculus colleges usually offer the two main branches of calculus: integral and differential. General concepts are about partial derivative, non-standard analysis, multivariable calculus and mathematics.

You also have to study limits of integration, the law of continuity and fundamental theorem of calculus. Additional concepts are calculus with polynomials, differentiation rules and derivative.
List of Topics on Calculus

Those enrolled in a university that teaches calculus explore different topics. They are divided into precalculus, limits, differential calculus and integral calculus. Other topics are about special functions and numbers, numerical integration, lists and tables, series, multivariables, nonstandard calculus and its history.

Some Additional Details

Each of the topics above is discussed in detail. In differential calculus, areas of study will include Newton’s and Leibniz’s differentiation notations, related rates, Regiomontanus’ angle maximization problem and logarithmic derivative.

Other areas of studies are mean value theorem, Taylor’s theorem and differential operator. In integral calculus, subjects include arclength, integral of secant cubed, integral of the secant function, the trapezium rule and proof that 22/7 exceeds ?.

Subjects covered in series courses are the Euler–Maclaurin formula, the Fourier series and the Infinite series. Multivariable topics include the theorems of Stokes, Green and divergence. You also have to study curvature, the Hessian matrix and Gabriel’s horn.

Tables and lists study include area functions, logarithmic functions, hyperbolic functions and trigonometric functions. Numerical integration subjects cover the Gaussian quadrature and the Newton–Cotes formulas.


Internet classes have interactive features. You may need special hardware and software to use these materials. These usually consist of media players, PowerPoint and a Flash capable video. These websites have text courses. These may be arranged like regular web pages or by chapters. Online courses require you to take exams. These tests can be done on the web just like any assignment that you will be given.

Other Information

Internet calculus classes cover subjects that prepare students for applications and theories on engineering, differential and single variables. Sometimes the subjects may prepare you for a career in biology, medicine, pharmacy, and business administration.

Online courses for college credit for calculus have the same rules regarding credit. But the contents differ. Those featured here are only indicative of a site’s possible contents.