Math Online Courses for College Credit

Math online courses for college credit are recognized by many universities across America. Taking these courses can jump start your college studies. At the same time they improve your knowledge of math.


These courses are created mostly for students who want to go to college. They are also available for adults who failed to finish college and want to go back. These programs usually offer several subjects, ranging from basic math subjects to advanced topics. Students may specialize in specific courses too. There are introduction to statistics, college algebra, plane geometry and intermediate algebra.

Refresher courses are available. Advanced courses require knowledge of basic math. Requirements will vary per class. Students have to check the prerequisites stated in the site. This should be done before enrolling.

Credits in these programs are applicable for certificates and degrees. These may also be used in continuing education. Continuing education is for math teachers or professors who want to expand their knowledge.

These can also be applied for career advancement as well. CE courses are for professionals. Among the topics that are covered are differential statistics, calculus, trigonometry and other advanced subjects.

The degree of difficulty depends on the course. However, studying math on the web is more convenient. There is no need to travel far.


Most of these subjects can be completed on the web. These websites have an online platform. This is where the lessons are submitted. Lessons are reviewed and graded online. Forums, discussion boards and email are used for communication and interaction.

Unlike free courses, assignments in credit programs have deadlines. However, some of these courses require a live class for the exams. Not all sites use video; some sites just rely on reading materials. There are also some courses that require textbooks or CDs to supplement the materials online.

Other Information

Duration of a course varies. It will depend on the number of courses that are taken by the student. Usually though these programs take the same amount of time as in a traditional class. The materials covered are the same too.

These programs require knowledge of computers. A fast Internet connection is recommended. This is needed in case the site uses video / audio. Some courses require you to be on the web while studying.

Math online courses for college credit are also found in tuition based programs. There are free math programs on the web, but they do not get credit.